PDM 1600 Universal drill and self-adhesive spline machine - 3,20 m

Pleated blind material drill & self-adhesive spline machine for automatic drilling of pleated and honeycomb blind fabrics and for the attachment of self-adhesive splines to the fabric package.

  • Artikel: 98000405
  • The machine has six digital speed and feed-controlled drill units. The drill speed can be controlled via the order parameters, according to the type of material. The feed rate of the individual drill units is controlled fully automatically by the electronics. After changing a drill, the drill will be automatically measured and adjusted by the machine from the maintenance menu.
  • In the case of honeycomb materials, the drill positions between the cells are automatically determined using a „patent-pending“ drill position measuring system which is integrated into the machine. This neutralises varying tolerances of individual materials. It also means that asymmetrical honeycomb material can be drilled from both sides without changing the drill parameters.
  • Other integrated functions:
    • Automatic positioning of the self-adhesive spline for highly accurate application to the fabric package.
    • Dimensionally stable fixing of the fabric package during the drilling process by means of four-sided clamping.
    • Automatic cleaning of the fabric drill after every drilling process.
    • Input of order information via bar code, touch screen or network connection
  • Manufacture parameter:
    • Fabric package hight: 0 mm to 80 mm Fabric package width: 240 mm to 3200 mm
    • Pleat depth: 15 mm to 45 mm
    • Numbers of boreholes: 2 to 6
    • Distance of boreholes: 140 mm to 3000 mm
    • Positioning accuracy: ± 0,1 mm
    • Cycle time: 45 sec. to 60 sec. (for drilling and for fixing the self-adhesive spline)
  • Technical specifications:
    • Power: 2.5 kW
    • Pressure: 7.0 bar
    • Average air consumption: 1 m³/h
    • Connections: 230 V AC, 50-60 Hz
    • Dimensions: 1500 mm x 4500 mm x 1250 mm (H x W x D)
    • Weight: approx. 850 kg
    • Warranty: 12 months

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