Roller Blinds DF - Roof Windows

The Benthin roof window roller blind is perfectly suited for all current models of roof window.

The system was developed with a focus on optimised assembly, very quick and easy installation and maximum user-friendliness in top quality. It is available in five models.

DF01 - A smart version with a cassette cover and retaining hooks.

DF11/DF12 - Room-darkening versions with a cassette cover and side channel.

DF16 - Motori....

DF22 - A day/night variant with flexible operation.

The DF01 version can easily be positioned in the holders with a smart handle profile. The handle profile can be held individually on two sides and fits in perfectly with the upper cassette profile when open.

Thanks to its spring-loaded cord threading unit, types DF11 and DF12 allows for an infinitely adjustable and perfectly horizontal positioning of the hanging over an ergonomically designed handle profile, which can also be operated with a control rod. Quick, easy and very accurate fine adjustments are possible using the cord stretching device.

The types DF11, DF12, DF16 and DF22 offers nearly full room darkening. Rubber seals are used to reduce the entering daylight. An additional darkening flap (patent pending) is located in the cassette. Furthermore, the end caps of the profiles are absolutely opaque, and perfectly match the profile colours.

Type DF16 - The 12 V motor version. Self-charging by battery and solar power without a power connection.

Type DF22 - Roof window roller blind with side profiles and two hangings. A practical day/night variant where the curtains can be operated together or separately.

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Product Brochure Roller Blinds DF

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