Quality standards

Benthin quality and environmental objectives

  • We must offer our customers a quality experience when using our products and services.
  • We must fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers by offering a higher quality than similar products and services on the market.
  • Our customers must perceive Benthin as being an environmentally conscious company.
  • Each and every employee must live up to the expected standards of the company, and each individual must develop his or her own skills for their own benefit and that of Benthin.

All-round quality

Benthin employees work within a culture that promotes innovative first-class products and processes.

Responsibility and a critical eye

Every single employee takes responsibility for his or her own work. A positive attitude, flexibility and skills are achieved through a training programme based on the individual profiles of each employee and work group. Our dynamic and flat structure makes it easy for all of us to adapt to different situations when it comes to continuous development, flexibility, and targeted work.

Focus on quality and environment

At Benthin, quality and the environment are essential parameters which influence the company values and daily activities. We take responsibility for the quality of our products and their impact on the environment. Our quality management systems fulfil the requirements of ISO 9001 in the following areas: development, construction, production, installation, and servicing of window blinds and sun-shading systems and production equipment.