About us

Nothing convinces like success

A system programmed for growth

As one of the leading manufactures of privacy protection and sun protection systems, Benthin GmbH proudly looks back on 50 years of success. Made-to-measure daylight control systems from standardised components have decisively contributed to making a name for Benthin GmbH at the international level as an innovative developer and producer of such systems. The Benthin System caters for the most specialised demands. We share this success with our partners.

Brilliant outlook for our partners

Mutual interests form the solid foundation

A long-term and above all close co-operation with our partners is of vital importance to us, because only through impeccable communication with each other are we able to find mutually optimal solutions and to master every challenge. We do everything in order to meet your growing demands, thus supporting you in a leading competitive position.

We back you up from the very beginning

System provider from A to Z

We offer you machines and components which are compatible with each other so that manufacturing and processing are as efficient and economical for you as possible. The vast Partner Service pogramme not only facilitates smooth production in your company but also the individualisation and marketing of your products.

The first building block is just as important as the last

From the idea to the finished product – perfect down to the last detail

To ensure that the finished product meets your and our high demands, we begin early with quality assurance: Only the highest quality raw materials and supplies are used in the manufacturing process. In our own in-house mould construction shops we lay the foundations for the later excellence of the million-fold reproduced components. Creation, design and production from one and the same source are the guarantee for Benthin quality.

We put ideas into shape

Moving into the future

The ongoing further development of our technologies leads to the constant improvement of our products. This gives you the assurance of always investing in cutting-edge technology and thus of being optimally equipped to seize all potential market opportunities.